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Does your old car color fade? Want to restore/give a new look to your car? Think of Meta Car Detailing services that offer professional car teflon and ceramic coating in Jaipur that help your car get back its look. We provide high-quality and convenient methods for ceramic coating Jaipur, car teflon coating, and other teflon coating services at an affordable price.

We proudly took care of our customer cars for decades and served 1000+ customers happily. Now it's your time to experience how Meta Car Detailing converges the luxury of car detailing business professionally.

We have been in this industry for decades and helped many customers with our easy-to-affordable services. Meta Car Detailing is here for all your car detailing needs. We provide teflon coating services including deliberate ceramic coating solutions to our customers. With our car teflon and ceramic coating in Jaipur you won’t lose your mesmerizing view of your car paints.

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3M Ceramic Coating in Jaipur

3M Ceramic Coating In Jaipur

3M Ceramic coating is now in trend as it gently offers your car a whole new, fresh, and paint-protection at a glance. However, many dealerships and car detailing companies recommend 3m car teflon coating to prevent external paint damage as well as to ensure longevity of the paint.

There are various benefits associated when thinking of 3m ceramic coating Jaipur namely protection from harmful UV rays, protection from chemical stains, and candy-like gloss. Want to reap all the advantages provided by 3m ceramic coating solution from Meta Car Detailing, we would be happy to be helped - simply call us at (+91 9887792209) or book an appointment online.

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Car Teflon Coating in Jaipur

Car teflon coating is popularly known as Paint Protection Coating (PPC) is a paint insinuating process referred to as a treatment to ensure the longevity of the paint. To achieve this, a certified chemical polymer solution is applied on the car surface paint (exterior) to provide blended protection against external paint damage phenomenon occurring from sunlight, water, or through any odd reaction to the paint.

Meta Car Detailing is professional car teflon coating service provider and having experts backing with strong knowledge of car teflon implication and methods. Following is the process of our car teflon coating Jaipur:

1. Washing the car surface thoroughly to get rid of any dust particles.
2.Wiping the car body properly and drying completely.
3. Teflon coating is applied over the entire car body in a moisturized form.
4. Leaving it for 20 to 25 minutes, the car is polished by a car buffing machine to achieve a glossy finish.
5. The coating process begins with careful implication followed by relevant tools and hands.
If you are looking for a pocket-friendly paint protection treatment, contact Meta Car Detailing Experts.

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Teflon Car Coating in Jaipur
car coating price in Jaipur
Car Coating Prices in Jaipur

How much would car teflon coating cost from Meta Car Detailing? Meta Car Detailing uses industry-certified tools, experts, and relevant assets to achieve satisfied car coating services. Therefore, we have had a good brand image in the market for years and proudly being known as a cost affordable car teflon coating service provider in Jaipur (car teflon coating Jaipur company).

Since, we provide you reasonable 3m car teflon coating at a reasonable price - it is the best deal to take right away! However, the cost may vary based on the car type that is its make or model. To know how much ceramic coating Jaipur price to you -

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Car Coating Jaipur FAQs

Ceramic coating is a mixture of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) that is used to provide prolonged paint protection to vehicles. Based on the application it is used for wheels, glass and plastic trim. But mostly it is used for paintwork.

Ceramic coating is a highly durable and efficient vehicle protection system. The chemical and the method used for ceramic coating will last for years.

Meta Car Detailing car coating service uses professional workers for ceramic coating. By analyzing your vehicle condition, the applicability area could be Wheels, Windshield, Window glasses, Chrome, etc.

When applied, your car is set to resistance the following things:
  • UV radiation resistance.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • No vulnerability on corrosion or oxidation.
  • Resistance on chemical compounds influence.

It is for both. Most dealerships recommend ceramic coating from the date of purchase. However, it is your choice to refer to the service from professional ceramic coating services in Jaipur.