Terms of Use

Effective From: 01/01/2022
Welcome to the terms and condition page where you can learn about our terms of use policy regarding services we offer. These terms and conditions are subject to occasional changes and apply to all Meta Car Detailing services that are provided by Meta Car Detailing. When you are using our platform for illustrated services that we offer, you confirm that you have read and agreed to these terms & conditions, as well as the privacy policy.

The method involved with booking administrations from this stage might expect you to uncover your own data eg: name, email, vehicle no. and so on and to forestall any unapproved admittance to these you will try not to utilize any unstable portable connections, PCs, cell phones or unreliable internet connections. The client concurs and affirms that prior to putting in a request they will check the assistance depiction and cost cautiously and by submitting a request they consent to be limited by these terms and administration portrayal. Assuming you train a help accomplice to complete any extra work straightforwardly, we encourage you to get a composed concurrence with them that expresses the work to be done and the cost to be paid.

In case of distinguishing any dubious action from client's record, Meta Car Detailing maintains all authority to drop all forthcoming and future orders attributable to any such episodes with no obligation to the client.

Meta Car Detailing utilizes third-party installment suppliers to get installments from clients. Meta Car Detailing isn't liable for delays or incorrect exchange execution or undoing of administration because of installment issues. If there should be an occurrence of extra installment, the client will just compensate for our foundation or connection produced by Meta Car Detailing. In a credit/charge card exchange, the client should utilize their own for which client has full right and position to truly involve such card for making installment to Meta Car Detailing. We will not be obligated for any card-related misrepresentation. The obligation to utilize a card falsely will be on the client.

At the point when you use Meta Car Detailing, you concur and comprehend that you are speaking with Meta Car Detailing through an electronic medium and you agree to get correspondences by means of electronic records from Meta Car Detailing intermittently and when required. We might speak with you by email or comparative methods of correspondence. Meta Car Detailing puts forth the best attempts to shield your own data accessible with it, yet transmissions made through the web can't be ensured or made totally secure.